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The Safety Passport is still under development in the winter of 2022. The Social Fund for the Performing Arts, RITCS School of Arts, STEPP, the partners of the ETTE project, and ETTEC are working closely together to roll it out soon. So, we have to wait for the official launch of the Safety Passport.

We are also still working on the modalities for the online, written exam and practical assessment. This is a test version of the learning platform where you can try out some e-learning modules. We have made the modules that are ready for testing publicly accessible without a login. Almost all modules will be in the testing phase over the next few weeks. We would appreciate it if you could provide feedback.

You can find a feedback button at the bottom of the homepage and on each course page. This also means that your results in the online learning modules will not be recorded yet and will not be valid until the safety certificate is launched in 2023.

The testing phase of the learning platform will end on January 1. If you have any questions about this project, please fill out the contact form, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions
The European safety certificate for the performing arts and events sector is available to everyone active in the industry. If you are a student in a performing arts technical program, please check with your head of department to see if and when you can take the online exam and practical assessment. If you work in the industry, whether you are a freelancer, flex worker, self-employed, or permanent employee, you can also register for the online exam and practical assessment. Please refer to the ‘Practical Assessment’ section for the examination modalities in your country. The online courses are available for free to anyone interested in safe working practices in the performing arts and events industry. As a certifying body, ETTEC endorses the validity of this certificate in the countries where it is active. You can find out more about ETTEC via
Click on the Login button on the homepage of the learning platform. In the login field, you will see the message ‘Lost your password’ at the bottom. Click on it to send a reminder from the learning platform to your email address to create a new password.
Click on the login button on the homepage of the learning platform on the top right corner. A screen will appear where you can create an account. Sign up with your name and email address. Then, check the confirmation in the provided email address to activate your account.

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